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The whole process without worry Services

Comprehensively promote the whole process without worry service, create a strong service brand, and actively participate in marketing. Establish a standardized customer service operation system, through scientific and quantitative assessment incentives, and comprehensively promote the whole process with concern services, and promote the continuous improvement of the quality of service improved.

Establish service brand

Active dissemination services, a market pull; at the same time, actively carry out online marketing, operating in the market in two to three years to shape the Chinese ELP strong industry service brand.

Our Service

Service Mission: integrity, perfection
Service objectives: overall customer satisfaction and total customer satisfaction
Service lines: warm and thoughtful, step
Service standards: standardization of services, satisfaction Households
Service three conventions: Convention staff, standardized management, standardized tools
Service motto: Total Customer satisfaction is the best reason for our existence

For users of the service commitment

The company resolutely support and implementation of the national "part of the goods the warranty, replacement, return of regulations", "Product Quality Law" and "Consumer Protection Law", and on this basis put forward higher requirements for service commitments, according to the growing user the service needs to improve service levels, and truly reflects the entire process worry-free service concept.